I’m no Superman.

So, we’re in the process of looking for our new home right now and I must say I hate this part of moving. I fall in love with one and then it goes off the market. Plus our time frame is either too soon or too late for the homes we are looking at buying. My husband is trying to get me to slow down but I just want to get this process over with and have a starting point on planning what I will be doing and where.

I spoke about struggling to find a doctor but it’s even harder when you don’t know where you are going to live and right now we are looking up to an hour away from where he will actually be working. So that makes a huge difference when deciding where your doctor is located. My Adhd has me so scattered that I can’t even start preparations for the movers to come pack our current place and we have to get that taken care of before we can leave here. It just seems like I’m spinning out of control.

I also need to know where we are going to live to see if there are any jobs or schools I might attend while we are there. I need to know so we can see what our actual budget will be and if I have to work to afford the cost of living in these areas. I try to focus on one thing at a time but right now I either have too much time on my hands or not enough time to accomplish anything and everything I need to do to make things go smoothly. I am a constant mess and things are not going well for me right now. Fortunately we have my husband’s mother in between the two locations we are looking at so that’s a big help.

As long as everything gets done I figure we will be just fine. It’s just a matter of getting started. Once I do that I can do it all. Unfortunately that’s the hardest part for me. That and prioritizing everything and dealing with the kids all at the same time. Don’t even get me started on the school stuff I will also have to deal with eventually. I guess I just need to buckle down and get started somewhere, anywhere. Really anywhere. But when I can’t see the whole picture I have a hard time figuring it all out. I am not good with puzzles. This is going to be a rough couple of months. I just pray that I figure it out eventually.

Guess it’s time to dig out my cape

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