The moment you realize it is you not them.

The first time I realized that maybe something might be wrong with me, I was immobilized. Confusion and fear took captive my entire version of reality. Could it be that they are right, that I am mentally ill, and everything I believe to be real is just a delusion? My entire existence came into question and my head was ready to explode with the flood of emotions running rampant inside of me. You see it’s kind of deafening at first when you begin to question everything you think and feel. I thought I would try something different in this blog post. I created a form with some questions and I wanted to gather other people’s experiences with mental illness. The form is anonymous and I would love to have others’ experiences to share with my readers. So if you have a moment it’s a short questionnaire just fill it out and I will use your answers to give a broader picture of what it’s like to live with mental illnesses.

Here’s a link to the form.

I can be reached @

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